Saturday, August 9

Saying Goodbye to Korea...

So today was the last full day in Korea.  I am feeling extremely bittersweet as I am writing this.  I am so very excited to see my husband and pets--and I'm actually excited about getting back to work and meeting my new little ones.  On the other hand, I am going to miss this country that I have called home for the past 5 weeks and I will miss the amazing friends I have made.  This has been the best experience of my life and I feel like I have gained so much.  For once in my life, I feel like I have been challenged and I now have a huge drive to continue learning Korean.  

Some people talk about having reverse culture shock, and I can see that happening in the next few days as I adjust back to my normal routine and go back to speaking strictly English.  It's so weird to love another language as much I have grown to love Korean.  

So for my last day, I slept in a bit and just relaxed around Gonzaga.  Then I went off to Namdaemun Market to walk around by myself and just spend some time in my favorite place in Seoul.  When I got back, I met up with Amy and my roommate Katie and we went to Insadong.

We shopped a little, had refreshing drinks, and I had 1 last amazing hot dog on a stick.

Neat restaurant in Insadong

Love notes

This is the ONLY Starbucks in the world that is not in English.

Seriously--who can eat an ice cream cone that is longer than their body??

This is a one of those machines that buzz when your food is ready--not only does it buzz, but it shows advertisements!!

Really pretty scarves.

After Insadong, I went to the Han River to walk around and watch the light show.  Unfortunately, I was not able to see the light show--I guess it didn't happen.  :(  I did get to watch a really neat concert and spent some time enjoying my last walk in Korea.  The weather was beautiful, and I allowed myself some time to tear up a bit.  

I also had to take my last official selfie in South Korea...what a beautiful day.  

When I got back, I walked around Sinchon a bit and ran into Aaron and Ariel, so I had patbingsu for the last time with them and said my goodbyes to Aaron (Ariel is going with Kyle and I to the airport tomorrow).  After I got back to campus, I met up with Myeong Jeen, Vanessa, Valeria, Kyle, and Nicola and it was a very sad moment.  I will truly miss these people.  Tomorrow I will walk to the bus station with Nicola because she has to leave a little early.  We began this adventure together, and I would like to end it with her.  I feel very blessed to have had such an amazing friend to experience this with.  I know that I will be a hot emotional mess when we say goodbye, but I don't know how to stop time.  :(  Afterwards, I hope to walk around Sincheon one last time, eat something delicious, say goodbye to Matt at the dorms, and then head out with Kyle and Ariel.  

I know it seems so silly to be so sad, but I've never felt so comfortable in my skin as I do here.  It's not just missing "vacation" or being sad about missing's about missing a bit of who I have become.  I hope to take a bit of this culture with me back home and apply some of it to my own life.  Again, I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity and I will never forget the summer of 2014....