Sunday, May 25

Cultural Events

So I was having a rough day on Friday, but getting a new notice from Sogang University in my inbox completely changed that!  In that important notice, they outlined all of the deadlines (which I have completed!) and they explained bit of the time schedule for KIP.  I have been a little curious about my cultural courses and what activities I will get to spend some time doing/seeing.  Now I don't need to wonder so much--they have filled me in!

On July 11th, I will get to go to a Korean baseball game-- Doosan Bears v. Hanwha Eagles.  I really enjoy sports, so this is exciting.  I will note that this was listed under the MANDATORY cultural activity--like they need to force me to go to a baseball game!  ^_^  I am not sure who to root for, though!


Then, I will be attending a special lecture on 'Hanok: Traditional Korean House' July 25th.  I think I'm most intrigued by this event.  I find the openness of these traditional homes very interesting.  I absolutely love them and would trade my home in an instant for a Hanok.  The floor board heating system that South Koreans use also makes them more appealing.

MISO: Baebijang-jean

The last event that I will be attending as part of my cultural class is a performance: 'MISO: Baebijang-jean'.  This will be pretty neat because it takes place in the Josean Dynasty.  This will take place on August 1st.  

Along with these mandatory events, I can choose to go to two other optional events on the weekends.  I WILL BE ATTENDING THEM BOTH!  ^_^  The first is the Boryeong Mud Festival.  I was already planning on attending this, so this is even better.  It's very hard for me to explain, but you can click here to find out more information.
Boryong Mud Festival
The other optional event is a trek through Seoul.  We will be going to 길상사 Kilgangsa (Temple), 서울 성곽길 Seoul Fortress Trails, 삼청동 Samcheong-dong, and 북촌 Bukchon while on the trek.

길상사 Kilgangsa (Temple)
This is a Buddhist Temple in the Northern part of Seoul
Hiking Seoul Fortress
서울 성곽길 Seoul Fortress Trails
This fortress was first built in 1396 and is 2 hours from the North Korean border.

삼청동 Samcheong-dong
This area is known for his village of Hanoks and neat shops.
Bukchon's View
북촌 Bukchon
Traditional and contemporary society coexist here.
So I will leave you with these events for now!  I still haven't had a chance to explain the weekend field trip I will be going on with the KIP, but I promise to do that during the next post.  ^_^

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