Saturday, May 3

Learning Korean Through Technology

안녕하세요!  So I've been asked by many people if I know any Korean.  And the answer would be 네 (yes)!  After that, I get asked if I have taken classes in Korean.  And the answer to that one would be 아니요 (no)...unfortunately.  Once I became interested in learning the Korean language, I did look for the nearest university that taught Korean.  Unfortunately, there weren't any close universities.  Korean is not a widely spoken language where I live.  So to help those of you out there who are interested in learning Korean, I am adding my favorite learning programs.  I hope that they help you as much as they have helped me.  ^_^

I love Talk To Me In Korean!  This is my go-to learning site.  I try to complete a lesson before and after work.  Because I have a smart phone, I just downloaded the app and can listen to each lesson as I am driving.  You can also study online with the podcasts and PDF files.  If that isn't enough, they sell e-books (although I cannot say anything about those because I find that the podcasts and PDF files are enough for me to work on at this time).  I like that during each lesson, they focus on one thing, but review all of the vocabulary and grammar from previous lessons in fun ways.  The people that run the podcasts are interesting to listen to.  Overall, I feel like I have learned a lot from this free site/app.

Korean L-lingo is my next favorite Korean learning app (most of what I use are apps because they are the most convenient).  I love that many of the things that I am learning on Talk To Me In Korean aligns with these lessons.  Although there are a few free lessons on this app, you do have to pay a few dollars to unlock all of the lessons.  It is WELL worth the money.  I have tried using Rosetta Stone and several other highly used programs, but I prefer this by far.  You learn new vocabulary each lesson, but incorporate previous vocabulary.  There are several parts to this--grammar notes, picture matching, and translating.  

Gus on the Go is a children's app.  Thankfully, I am a child at heart and learn best using visuals and games.  This is just a vocabulary learning app, but it has helped me tremendously in order to bump my vocabulary up.  There are different sections, such as animals or vegetables.  Then, you review the words using pictures and once you are able to match up the words with the pictures, the app gives you a game to play using those words.  

I have a few other apps and books that I use when confused or I need more information, but these three have really helped me improve my Korean.  I also have the most amazing language exchange partner.  If you are looking at this, speak Korean, and have a desire to improve your English, let me know in the comments section.  I would love a few more language exchange partners!  The more practice, the better we can all become in the languages we are learning!  ^_^  

Unfortunately, I don't have any other information regarding my trip yet.  I will have my medical exam next week, so I'm very excited!  After that, I will be good to go!  Two months and counting--I'm so ready to touch down in Korea!  

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