Saturday, July 19

Day 11

Thursday was a pretty low key day, but it was another day out for culture class!  We started with our 4 hours of language class, which I was really excited about because it was a topic that I was pretty good with: counting in Sino Korean and using it context such as telling how much something is.  I really enjoyed having a class where so much vocabulary was thrown at me.  I'm still studying to keep caught up with the vocabulary we have already received.

Then, Nicola씨 and I chose to eat some toast for lunch.  We don't have a whole lot of time to eat lunch here so it's been pretty cheap and small lately.  After that, we met up as a group and walked down to Ewha Station and then to Ewha University to meet up with Choonhee Lee선생님 for a cooking class.  It was a lot of fun, but again, I didn't choose to really eat much.  Although I'm pretty proud of myself because I have tried some things that I would not normally try and I have liked some things.  Anyways, we made some sort of chicken stew with peppers, ginger, chicken, soy sauce, sesami oil, potatoes, carrots, and onions.  We also made a 파전.  pajeon is a vegetable and seafood pancake.  It had several vegetables in it as well as shrimp and squid.  It was made mostly from egg, water, and flour.

This was the lady who was showing us how to cook.

We had a big screen to show us what we should be doing as she was giving us directions in Korean.

Once we finished, Nicola씨 and I chose to head back in order to meet up with Dong Eun for a bit.  On the way, we got lost and saw a store selling traditional Hanbok's.  They were so pretty!  To make a long story short, we chose to get into the nearest subway station and try to make our way back to Ewha.  We did so successfully and ran into Alex씨, so we walked back to the dorm with him.  

I then spent the remainder of the night just hanging out in my room and doing laundry!  I'm sorry this update is so short, but I have two more days worth of updates to complete also!  ^_^

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