Wednesday, July 16

Days 9 and 10

So today was exciting because I finally got to see some neat older architecture.  I also got to see some history into Hangul and South Korea.  Lanugage class is very challenging for me.  I still do not speak/read really fast which affects my fluency.  Usually we start class out with new vocabulary.  I'm up to a couple hundred words now.  Then, we play games where we have to get up and talk with one another.  We also complete worksheets together, but I prefer getting up and moving around.

I was really hungry for lunch, so I chose to eat Bugolgi again.  It's really filling for so cheap!

Then we headed off on our field trip.  We had to meet at the King Sejong's bronze statue.  This means we had to transfer subway stations to get there.  This was my first time doing a subway transfer, but it was super easy.  It's crazy how much of a maze the system is.

Once there, we went down into the statue to learn about the history of Hangul and King Sejong.  This was another scavenger hunt, so we had to take our pictures with certain things.  I really liked writing my name on the paper and watching the 4D movie.  ^_^

I am also adding Day 10 to this post because I didn't really do much except for study and sleep today.  It was nice to have a down day.  I may do the same thing tomorrow since we have a field trip.  I will not be able to update until Sunday, but hopefully I will have more to say then.

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