Tuesday, July 15

Day 8

Today started out REALLY early.  I stayed up until roughly 3:00 AM in order to do some studying.  We are given a lot of vocabulary to work on and out of the ones we have been given, I only knew 1/2 of them before they were introduced.  I am also finding out that not only am I a bad speller in English, but a bad speller in Korean.  ^_^

Notes that I had for my study session.
I did notice today that class seems more manageable now.  The first two days were a bit overwhelming, but I really like the challenge.  ^_^

After the four hours of language class, Nicola씨 and I decided to go cheap for lunch.  They don't offer lunch here on campus, but they do offer Ramen at the GS on campus!  I love being able to just make it there and take it outside to eat.  I also already had a Coke because Nicola선생님 did an activity in class where we had to only speak in Korean in order to "order our drinks".  We then got the drink we asked for.  ^_^ 

After lunch, we went back to Arrupe Hall to attend culture class.  Today's class involved completing a scavenger hunt in Sincheon.  We had to walk around and find different stores/restaurants/buildings and complete different tasks.

Matthew씨 photo bombing my theater picture haha.

This is where you order your movie theater tickets.

This is where you can order popcorn, etc.

Apparently you can have a good time at this hotel!

After class, we decided to go out for desert as a group, so we went down one of the streets of Sincheon and found a place that served ice cream type deserts.  Kyle씨, Vanessa씨, Valeria씨 and I chose to split an Oreo Bing Su which basically had a chocolate type ice cream for the base and shaved chocolate ice with oreo crumbs all over it.  How amazing!  ^_^

This is a piano on the side of the street that people can just sit on and play.  ^_^

Michelle씨, Kristy씨, and Nicola

Myeong Jeen씨, Alex씨, and Matthew

Oreo Bing Su

The toilet at the desert place was smiling at me!  ^_^

When we finally got back, I chose to eat Ramen again--cheap!  ^_^  We all decided to hang out as a group again, though because Matthew씨 moved closer and could go out with us.  While we were together, we saw a bus that continued to make Vanessa씨 and I laugh!  I also tried dried squid for the first time.  It tastes exactly what I thought it would taste like--fishy and chewy.  ^_^  It wasn't terrible, but I was not into it.  Haha

After we finished eating, we moved our group to the small soccer field on campus to kick a ball around.  It was nice to just get out because unfortunately I chose to stay up and study again.  Kyle씨 came down to join me for a bit, but then I became too distracted with working on my listening skills.  Several of the Korean students had snuck in Soju in their water bottles are were talking about it in Korean.  I was proud that I caught that!  ^_^  Anyways, I finally went to bed at around 1:30 AM.  It is already starting out to be a nice week!

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