Sunday, July 13

Day 7

I can't believe that it's been a week already!  I started my day very late and did not get to run or work out.  Instead, I woke up and got ready to hang out with Nicola.  We decided to go to Grand Mart where I bought some grapes, bananas, potatoes, bread, and butter to eat throughout the week.  

Once we got back, we went to B1 (the basement) and made some toast to eat for lunch.  It was so good!  Because I had some time before I met with my exchange partner, I decided to study a little.  

At about 2:30 PM, I started down towards Sincheon station exit 3 (which I had to wander the subway station for a minute to find it.  I sat on the bunny bench until about 3:20 PM.  We were supposed to meet at 3:00 PM, but she was hot and messaged me to meet her at the McDonalds next to the exit.  Unfortunately, I did not get the message, so I headed back to the dorm.  Once there, I messaged her and she seemed so upset.  I was so excited about meeting with her, so she came down to the school and met me in Gonzaga Hall.

We first went to the Cat Cafe which was super exciting.  I will mention that this is the first time I had to take my shoes off in a restaurant!  I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I will try to explain.  When you walk in, there are shoe racks on the side of the entrance where you have to put your shoes.  As you walk in, they give you these plastic sandals to wear around.  There were probably about 15 cats and oh my gosh were they cute!  I ordered a an iced coffee and then proceeded to pet all of the cats that I could with my exchange partner!  

She had some sort of blueberry coffee.

This is the only kitty I did not get to pet beceause he was up way too high.

This was the adventurous kitty--I think he smelled Molly and Roxy on my bag!

He finally curled up next to my friends bag and slept a bit while we hung out.
I had such a great time with her.  I was able to get some help with some phrases that I wanted to learn and learned some new vocabulary words.  I think because my Korean is not that great, she had to try and speak English more which was good for her because she is studying for the Topik test now.

After we spent some time in the cafe, we went to get some food.  She took me to a pasta/pizza restaurant.  I chose a pasta to share and she chose a pizza to share.  The pasta was sort of a mix of Korean spaghetti sauce and it had bacon in it.  The pizza was a BBQ chicken pizza with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and BBQ chicken in it.  I would NEVER normally order, let alone eat this kind of pizza, but I ended up eating half of it!  The pizza was a bit spicy, but not enough for me to stop eating.  The pasta on the other hand was amazing.  I would also like to mention that this pizza was so thin that you had to scrap it out of the cast iron.

Bacon pasta

BBQ chicken pizza
I am so excited about meeting with her again on Wednesday after class because we are going to go to Gangnam to shop.  ^_^  She's really nice and I feel like we have quite a few things in common.

At about 7:00 PM, we parted ways at the subway and I went back to campus to meet up with Nicola and Kyle.  Nicola was hungry and wanted KFC, so we wandered back out to Sincheon to look for it.  During this adventure, we stumbled across a sea of people surrounding a magician/comedian in the street.  He pulled Kyle into the center and had him be a part of the show!  I added the video of this to facebook if you are interested!  ^_^  It was very humorous.

After the excitement, we finally found KFC and went back to campus.  I chose to hang around outside to study and so Kyle came back out with his books to work on the homework due tomorrow.  While studying, Valeria and Ariel came over and we all walked over to Paris Baguette so Ariel could get something to eat.  We studied a bit there and then I ended my day with working on this blog!  I know that today was not as exciting as yesterday, but I had a lot of fun...and now I am going to finish my night off with some more studying down in B1!  

Oh--here's a bit of learning for everyone reading my blog:

바나나우유 = banana milk  (it is pronounced as ba na na ew yew almost)

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