Saturday, July 12

Day 6

So I know I'm a little late on how my day went on Day 6, but I didn't not get back until really late.  Here it goes, though.  I started my day out by getting up too late to run and eat breakfast because I was out kind of late with Kyle the night before.  When I did get up, I noticed that I was running out of tank tops to wear under some of my shirts, so I decided to go downstairs and do laundry.  Valeria was also doing laundry and so I just sat downstairs and studied a little bit.  We have a girls laundry room and a boys laundry room and there are several washers and dryers in each room.  


After that was done, I folded laundry and got ready to go out at 12:00 PM with Valeria, her roommate Ariel, Nicola, and Kyle.  We wanted to check out the Free Market at The Playground in Hongdae.  The free market items are not free, but it is where local artists go to sell items they have made.  It's near Hongik University which is where a lot of the art students go to school.  It's also only open on Saturdays for a short period of time.  It was a lot of fun and I think I may go back to buy some souvenirs there on another weekend.  We didn't stay too long because Hongdae is VERY busy on Saturdays.

A really big church on the way to Hongdae.

Nicola시 and Kyle

This is where the Drama Coffee Prince was shot!!

Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince

This is why this area is called The Playground  ^_^

This was a shoe store that had pictures of some famous stars wearing their shoes at the store.

There were some really funny hats that were not translated properly here, but when he heard us laughing at them, he put them away!  >.<

After the market, we were all starving, so we found a restaraunt around the corner called New York, New York haha!  They had a lot of Italian type food, but it was the pizza that really convinced us to go there.  The pizza was amazing.  It was VERY thin and had some great cheese on it.  Nicola and I chose to share a mushroom, bacon 피자 in which I took off the big pieces of mushroom and gave them to Nicola.  

Valeria 시 and Kyle  
My 피자 

Kyle시 and Valeria시's 피자 --it was margherita 피자 

Lee Min Ho!

A sign for another Cat Cafe
After we ate, we were craving desert and what do we find, but a street vendor selling waffles with ice cream in it!!  This was SO to die for.  It was 1,000 Won, but it was too much, so we asked for two bags and Ariel and I just split the waffle.  Mine had vanilla, strawberry, and green tea ice cream.  Hers was chocolate and lavender ice cream.

Walking down the street I passed by the most American looking truck that I have seen yet.  Check out the muffler on that thing!  It was HUGE!

We saw the school's baseball team practicing as we got back to campus.
Since we were going out, Kyle and I went to the Hyundai Department store so that I could buy a dress.  While there we saw this shirt and bust out laughing.  Can you figure out what is wrong here.....

Once we finished, we both went back to change so that we could meet everyone else for Nicola's birthday.  Nicola, Alex, Kyle, Vanessa, Valeria, Ariel, our new Korean frien유은동, and I then went to Hongdea to see some street performers.

The first band we saw was a bit more indie and we saw them sort of by accident.  We were walking down one of the main streets in Hongdae and the band was camped out in the middle of the main Hongdae street.  ^_^  After listening to them, we continued on our way down towards The Playground where there were several rappers/rapping groups.

The first rap group to set up on The Playground.  Unfortunately, they were not very loud and were easily overtaken by the next group.

The best corn dog I've ever had.  I found it on one of the street vendors--the hot dog thing was as thin as my pinky finger.

We also made friends with some street dancers.  We asked to take a picture with them, and I think they were a bit surprised haha!

We also watched two other rap groups--there was by far one that stood out above the rest.  I should mention that this is where a lot of bands get their start--including my favorite....Busker Busker!  ^_^

During the time that we were watching the bands, some English teachers (2 males from America) came over to chat, but they totally weirded me out--I think they were out drinking and looking for more than just friends.  So far all of the Koreans that I have met have been super nice and the first Americans I meet are not so much...

This is for you Benny and Diana!  ^_^

After seeing some performers, we decided to get off our feet and head out to one of the local restaurants/pubs in Sincheon.  It was downstairs on a side street.  Oh my gosh did we have a blast!  유은동시 tried to explain the drinking games in Korea, but the games just basically involved everyone singing haha.  While we were just hanging out and asking 유은동 about different things in Korea, they brought out the chicken (in which I did not eat because it was too spicy).  It's awesome in Korea because people tend to go in groups to eat so you share everything.  People don't worry so much about "germs".  I've had more people drink out of my cup or eat my food here in Korea than ever in my life.  After the chicken was consumed, the owner came over and took the pots in order to add rice and seaweed to the pot.  Then we ate (meaning everyone else haha...though I did try it!) the rest up--this seemed awesome because we always waste so much broth and soup here in the US.

I really wish that I would have taken a picture, but I did not think to bring my camera to the bathroom.  I used my first squatter toilet!  >.<  Oh my gosh...all I can say is thank goodness I had a dress on.


Kyle시 and 유은동

Nicola시 and Ariel

There were some pickled radishes and delicious chip things.

Alex시 and Valeria
After we had our full, we all wanted to go and dance, but not go to a club!  So where else do we go in South Korean???  A 노래방!  A 노래방 is a place that has small rooms that you can rent by the hour in order to do karaoke with your friends!  There were two television screens set up in front and an area where we could it.  You are able to pick from a wide array of songs (Korean and English) to sing from.  On top of 2 microphones, they also gave us a tamborine!  It was SO much fun!  ^_^

Valeria시 modeling the book of songs!

So...that was basically our night!  I'm sure I'm missing a TON more, but it was a very busy day!  I took a ton of videos, but you will have to check out my facebook in order to see those because they were too big for blogger!  

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