Friday, July 11

Day 5

1:00 AM - I know it says 1:00 AM, but it is actually past Day 5.  It's been a very long, busy, and fun day!  I hope I can remember everything!  It started out with a great run at the soccer field at 6:30 AM.  I came back, took a shower, and then talked to my mom and Josh.  ^_^  Then I went down to meet Katie, Carrie, and Nicola for breakfast.  I was SO excited because they had fruit for breakfast.  I also had french toast and cereal.  The only thing about the cereal is that there were synthetic fruit pieces in the fruit.  I really can't explain it on this blog, but if you want to know more, just ask when I get back.  All I know is that it was not real fruit, but it was really good haha.

After breakfast, I walked to Arrupe Hall for language class (9:00-1:00) with some of my classmates.  I did not take any pictures during this time, but I will try to take pictures of some of my activities and homework during the weekend to share.  Let's just say that I have a ton of studying to do this weekend, though.  I knew about 1/2 of the vocabulary introduced in class today, but the other 1/2 was all new.  Thankfully I bought some flashcards!  By the end of class, Nicola 선생님 (teacher)  told us the details for the baseball game and that we could not be late for the bus.  

Because the dining hall does not serve lunch, we are on our own during that time.  Nicola (my friend), Valeria, Vanessa, Alex, Myeong Jeen, Kyle, and I decided to find a Korean restaurant to eat at.  We walked around a bit, but chose a restaurant near the Hyundai Department Store.  The 아줌마 (older lady) who owned the restaurant ushered us in and we decided on 삼겹살 (samgyeopsal).  This is the one thing that I was most excited about eating in Korea.  It's basically REALLY thick bacon that you wrap up in lettuce and eat.  You can choose to add other items to the wrap as well.  I dipped mine in a garlic-tasting sauce and also cooked cloves of garlic to add to my wrap.  It was amazing and also very filling.  I should mention that when you eat this, you also cook it yourself at the table.  Alex시 was at my table and so he took over with most of the cooking and cutting of the meat.  ^_^  Most of the pictures are just of the area as we were walking to the restaurant.

Alex시 and Valeria시.

Nicola시, Kyle시, and Myeong Jeen시.

The hot plate Alex시, Valeria시, Vanessa시, and I shared.

삼겹살 (samgyeopsal)

We had a blast!  I am definitely blessed to have class with such amazingly fun people.  ^_^  After lunch, we decided to go back to the dorm to change into our t-shirts and walk back to the entrance in order to go to the baseball game.  We got into super fancy buses and drove an hour to where the game was being played.  It was a pretty funny ride and we got into a huge conversation about ages.  Apparently I only look 21-22 haha.  Nicola and I basically got labeled as old also.  >.<  Her birthday is tomorrow, so she's older!  ^_^

A bug that jumped on Kyle시 haha.

The fancy bus.

The map of the stadium that they gave us.

After we got to the ballpark, we were given time to walk around.  Most of my classmates grabbed a beer and we went in search of chicken.  We decided on KFC and sat down to eat it.  Since I was in Korea I decided to try Soju and it was pretty darn good.  ^_^  Kyle시 and I chose to share later in the stadium--powerade is pretty great!  ^_^

The chicken the guys decided to share.

The olympic rings on a building near the stadium.

Go Doosan!  My classmates minus Carrie, Michelle, and Katie.

They give you whole eggs with the chicken box!

Alex시 and Myeong Jeen시.


Valeria시 and her tiny can!

Go Doosan!

I can't say that the game was good, because Doosan lost to the last place team in the Korean league haha.  I can say that Koreans do not go to the game for the game--they go for the cheerleading!  I've added some pictures from the game and some videos!  I hope you enjoy them.  We also spent some time with a little girl who was super excited to come talk to us.  It was her birthday and she was turning 6.  ^_^  She gave us some items from Mary Kay because her dad was a beauty consultant of some sort.  Overall, it was a blast!

Carrie시, Michelle시, Vanessa시, and Katie시.

They cheerleaders.

The cheerleading coordinator guy!  ^_^

Lee Min Ho!

Alex시 and Matt시.

I caught Valeria시 asleep on the bus!

So after the game, most everyone was ready for bed, but Kyle시 and I were still wide awake so we decided to head into the Hyundai Department Store area again.  We walked around a bit and then he bought some street food and I got fries from McDonalds hahaha.  Curfew in the dorms is 1:00 AM on the weekends, so we had a bit of time to eat, then we had to get back in Gonzaga.  It was a great day.  Tomorrow, I will be running, sleeping, studying, and then going to Hongdae with some of my classmates to celebrate Nicola's birthday!  ^_^  I will leave you with some pictures of the Hyundai area at night and the street food that Kyle시 bought!  ^_^

Question: Have you toured any K12 schools? 

No I have not.  I'm hoping to do this in a few weeks.  I've been very busy so far--especially with my studies and trying to get around.

Question: Are the other people in class with you also teachers?

Nope!  Most of my classmates are students.  One is working towards being a chef and one is in fashion sales.  ^_^  At least one of my classmates will be continuing their education at Sogang for the year.

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