Friday, August 1

Day 22

Okay...I know I'm like a week behind, so I'm going to try and remember everything that happened throughout this week.  I'm trying to go see and do everything that I want to do during these last few days that I have in South Korea.  I can't believe that my time here this summer is almost over.  I think that I'm going to really have a hard time going back (except I am really excited to see my husband, kitties, and puppy).  There are very few things that I do not enjoy here...I am going to try and write a post about things I love here and things I hate here soon!

So for now, I will start my updating you on what happened Tuesday!  It started with language class and it was a bit more difficult than Monday.  I'm doing better with studying the day ahead so I knew all of the position words prior to class.  We spent a good portion of our 4 hours discussing how to get to places and how to give directions.

After language class, we chose to go over to one of the American/Korean restaurants in the Plaza.  I really wanted meat, so I got bulgogi again.  It was really good, and I enjoy hanging out with my classmates.

Culture class was REALLY quick.  We just went over a BRIEF overview of Buddhism and how we were going to get to the Temple on Wednesday.  (For Tuesday-Thursday, we could have picked between K Pop dancing, Korean Drums, or Buddhist Temple visit--so I chose the visit because it wasn't going to be videotaping me looking dumb like the other two haha.)  I took a picture of Nicola teachers slideshow of our transportation.  ^_^

After culture class, we spent some time just hanging around because the guys chose to do K Pop Dancing instead of visiting the Buddhist temple.  Once everyone was out, we went over to Namdaemun.  So far this is by far my favorite place in Seoul.  I absolutely love it here.  We walked around a bit and had dinner.  

I am hoping to go back one more time before I leave because all of the shops were closing early.  I love the whole sale, Korean made type items/clothes.  The only thing I dislike is that it is SO packed on the weekends and Koreans can be very pushy haha.

For dinner, we sat at separate tables and just ordered several items each.  My table chose to go with 삼겹살 again (the thick bacon wrapped in lettuce with other items if wanted), a squash porridge, and some sort of dumplings.  We also got our normal side dishes that come with pretty much every Korean meal.  I absolutely love 삼겹살 and could eat it every day!

Jinmin can really eat!
After we ate, we split up a bit so that the boys did not have to go girl shopping haha.  I wish more stores were open, but it was nice walking the market in the late evening.

After shopping, we all went back and crashed.  ^_^  It was a nice evening with friends--it's always better eating in groups.  It's also much cheaper because the belief is to share everything here.  It's so nice not to worry about "germs" and it sort of pushes me to try new things!

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