Friday, August 1

Day 24

Thursday started off really well.  Class today was review/tests day.  I think I did pretty well, but the particles are still giving me some trouble.  It's so awesome that 4 weeks ago, I still could not make full sentences or understand a full sentence (though I could read really well--just not understand it) I am reading paragraphs and understanding 80% or more of what I am reading!  ^_^  Though I'm still one of the slower ones in class--I'm also one of the oldest haha.

After class, we went back to the American/Korean restaurant in the Plaza as a class, but I wasn't terribly hungry.  I chose to get fried potatoes with cheese--which turned out to be delicious fries and melted mozzarella.  They were delicious.  The girls and I then went to write a quick write up on our thoughts of the Temple experience and in about 20 minutes we were running to see if we could watch the boys perform their K Pop dance.  We just missed it, but Carrie took a video!

After everyone was ready and about an hour or indecisiveness, we chose to go back to Myeongdong for awhile.  It was a good experience, because for dinner, I had something I would never have chosen for myself.  I can't remember what it was, but it had spam, sausage, beef, some other kind of meat, macaroni, ramen, rice cakes, onions, chili paste, and some other things in it.  Then they add the broth and let it cook on the table.  I liked it, but it was so spicy that my lip was burning.  They love spicy food here.  We also were given bulgogi meat and side dishes.  I don't normally eat the side dishes, but one was fish cakes.  I tried it and actually liked it, though it would have been better warm.

After we ate, we split up a bit and we played some fun games I hope to share when I get back to Delaware.  I also finally tried the spiral potato on a stick!  It was DELICIOUS!  Nicola took a picture, so I'll post that when I get it from her.  Alex bought some weird thread spun candy stuff and I tried it too.  Oddly enough I wasn't a big fan.

When we got back to campus, we met up with Dong Eun and went to a local Convenience store and sat around in the plastic chairs to hang out for a bit.  About 3:00 AM, we chose to finally head back.  What a great day/night with awesome friends!

Amazing looking chicken.

A vendor on the side of the street.

Food before it started cooking.

The girls!

Food after it was done cooking

Bulgogi meat

This is how I feel right now--I'm not ready for school...let alone ready to leave Korea!!! ^_^

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