Saturday, August 2

Day 26

Sometimes it is just nice to get out by yourself for a day and that is just what I did on Saturday.  I got to sleep in just a little bit and woke up really hungry.  I messaged Nicola to see what she was up to, but she was still asleep so I decided to get moving!  I took a quick shower and got ready.  I then decided that I really wanted to go back to Namdaemun market to take a video.  Also, lunch would be really cheap there and it's hard to go there with a group of people on a Saturday.

I started off in the subway and made my way over to Namdaemun market.  I went straight to my favorite stand and had a deep fried hot dog on a stick and another delicious in-side out pancake.  After eating, I spent a bit of time video taping and just wandering around the streets.

After I left Namdaemun, I went over to the Anguk station which is where you can find Insadong.  This is now my favorite district area in Seoul.  I thought Insadong was a good mix of Hongdae and the Namdaemun Market.

The subway wall art in Anguk.

Once I got about halfway into the shopping area, I noticed that most of the shops were all handmade or touristy type shops.  I loved that many of the street venders were even making this items on the street!

Coconut bubble tea....mmmmmmmm

This is how they do ice cream cones in South Korea!!

A picture of potatoes on a stick!

Flea market type items at a vender

Hahaha...cereal drink

After I left Insadong, I decided to head back to campus for dinner, but not before having to use the bathroom at a random subway station.  Look what I found--a squatter!  >.<  I had to wait to use the bathroom because I just can't seem to figure these out without having to strip in the bathroom haha.

If you've wondered how I can get around in the station, I use these very handy signs at the top of each subway section to figure out which direction each subway line is going.  Then, they have television monitors that tell you where each subway car is and how long it will take to get to the station you're at.  After on the train, they have little monitors that tell you which station you're at for each stop.  I used that for awhile, but I can now listen to the announcer in the subway car and understand it!  I can even understand if the doors are opening on the left or right!  I'm so excited to be able to speak and understand in Korean more.  

After getting back to campus, I went to McDonalds with Nicola for some chicken tenders, but that was about all I did on Saturday.  ^_^

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