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So...I have applied to several Universities so far in my life and I can say that the application process for Sogang University is by far the easiest process ever.  It is so easy that they give you a step-by-step visual flow chart of what you should do and in what order so that you can complete everything in time.

Before applying at Sogang University, you must have a passport.  For me, this was another new experience.  Since I have never been out of the United States, I have never had a passport.  So off I went to figure out how to apply for that.  Now getting a passport may be a little different from person to person, but it was fairly simple for me.

1.  I first called the post office in order to set up a time that I could go in to turn in all of the forms.  This was a must for my local post office.  They try to schedule passport drop-offs during times when the post office isn't as busy.

2.  I filled out the DS-11 passport application which is located on the governments travel website.  I also gathered up my birth certificate (which you will turn in...but you will also receive back with your passport when it is mailed out) and copies of my driver's license.

3.  Here's where it became complicated for me.  I chose to go to CVS in order to get my pictures done.  You will need a special-sized photo for your passport.  Unfortunately, the post office would not take my photo because a TINY piece of hair was in my face.  I then had to pay AGAIN for new pictures at the post office.  At least I did not have to schedule a new appointment--they put down a backdrop and took it right in front of everyone there dropping off mail.  >.<

4.  I turned in all of my forms and picture and paid the application and post office fees.  Now because I wanted to receive my passport in time, I paid a little more in order to expedite it.  I'm glad I did--I received my passport in three weeks!

After you have your passport, you're good to go!  I then went onto the Sogang Universities website and filled out the application form.  It was very quick!!  They request your passport number along with a few basic questions.  They also asked about my level of Korean--which is very minimal.  At least I was able to mark that I knew Hangul!  ^_^  I filled out the application on March 1 and got an email on March 3 requesting more information in order to finish the registration process.

Now I have to say I have read lots of bloggers who had a hard time communicating with the Staff members at Sogang.  Many have also mentioned that it took a long time to hear back.  I personally did not have this issue.  They were very quick at emailing me back and have been very patient with all of the questions that I have had!

Once I completed the application, I was asked to email a copy of my diplomas, passport, and proof of medical insurance that covers my time of stay.  For me, my insurance through Blue Cross already covers me, but I have heard from others that they had to pay close to $300 for international coverage during their five week stay.  Thankfully I did not have this problem.  Anyways, I emailed the rest of my forms on March 3 and heard back on March 4 that my application was complete.  In order to receive a letter of acceptance, you have to pay the application fee and tuition, which I will get into more detail later.  I chose to pay everything in full and so I did not pay the application fee until I paid everything else.

One piece of good information for those in the United States is that South Korea has an agreement with the states that as long as your stay is under 90 days, you do not need a VISA.  Yay!  Besides payment and acceptance, this completes the Universities flow chart.  Like I said--very easy!

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