Saturday, April 26

Payment and Acceptance

I hope to be of some help when it comes to paying for the University, but I'm afraid that I could have gone through a better process to pay.  I spent many days researching and talking to other bloggers how I should go about paying for my tuition, application fee, dorm, and field trip fee.  Several people talked me out of going through my bank because they had horrible experiences either with the bank not knowing how to transfer funds to South Korea or being charged extremely high exchange rates.

When you pay the University, they will not take dollars--they want it in won.  Therefore, the payment has to be transferred over to won currency.  Although there is no way to get around pay an exchange fee, I was hoping to be a little smarter and pay a little less than going through the bank.  Therefore, I decided to go through my credit card company.  A tip of advice--that isn't any better.  The exchange fee is crazy expensive!  I'm not sure what suggestion to give--just to make sure that you do your research to find out the best deal.  I can say that paying with a card instead of electronically transferring funds was way quicker and easier, though.

On April 1, I paid all of the fees and by April 10, I received my receipt and....MY LETTER OF ADMISSION!  ^_^

Admission to Sogang University!
I won't lie--I was so giddy the following 4 or 5 days.  I am still very excited!  Once you receive your admissions letter, you are finished with their flow chart.  I was also contact about my dorm.  Gonzaga Dormitory here I come!

Gonzaga Dorm--my summer oasis ^_^
Look out for the next episode of my pre-departure process--getting a flight to the other side of the World!  ^_^

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