Sunday, July 27

Day 19

Today was such a great day!  I started my day out by sleeping in.  It was so wonderful, but unfortunately, they were doing something with the electricity, so everything on campus was closed and I had no electricity or wi-fi.  Once I finally got ready, I went to Sincheon Station to meet up with Katie (my roommate), Carrie, and Amy.  We met at the bunny benches at exit 2 and then took the subway to Dongdaemun.  Our plan was to go check out the Design Plaza which is apparently really neat to see at night.  At the plaza, there were a ton of restaurants, the Lord of the Rings/Fantasy set, the Transformers set, and the SBS studios My Love from the Stars set (an awesome Korean drama).  We obviously went to the latter of the sets!  It was rather awesome--I was even able to see several of the areas where they really filmed.

The two main actors in the movie!



Some malls in the area.

A Doctor Who box!!

My friend Carrie's picture with the poster.

Some other dramas that may be set up next.

Some other dramas that may be set up next.

I LOVE this dress!

This was in the gift shop--it's all for you Cassy and Travis!  Haha

Some other dramas from SBS

Some other dramas from SBS

Another drama from SBS

The Heirs!!

I got my hand stamped in case I want to go back!

After we got through the set, we walked around to find a place to eat.  We chose to eat at the Lotteria and I had chicken tenders and cheese sticks.  While there, I got some pictures and videos of the videos that are projected on many buildings in Korea.  I feel like they are very advanced technologically and are very energy driven here.

Once we left the Design Plaza, we walked around a bit and went down into the next subway station which had store after store of blankets and Hanoks (traditional Korean clothes--they still wear these for weddings and important events).  They were SO gorgeous!

After leaving the station, we came back up and had to wait for one of Amy's Korean friends.  While waiting, we spent some time walking down the Cheonggyecheon Stream.  It reminded me a bit of the River Walk in Texas that we walked on while visiting Josh at basic training, but this one was really beautiful--not so many shops and people.  

After Amy's friend, her baby, and her friend met with us, we took the station over to Namdaemun market.  I don't think I have ever seen South Korea until I came here!  This was like a whole sale area where there was cheap clothing all over the place.  They were also selling fish on the streets and you could go down the little alleys to eat quick food.  We had the most amazing desert here called Ho Dduk Pancakes.  They were basically inside-out pancakes.  Inside was a filling of brown sugar, cinnamon, and random nuts.  It was the best thing I have ever eaten in my life!

I wish I had more pictures of the market, but I will be going back this week, so I will add more then.  After the market, we went to a coffee restaurant to chat for a bit, but by the time we left, my friends wanted to head to Seoul station, but I wanted to look through the market some more.  I spent another half an hour just wandering around, but then went back to campus by subway.  It was a good time, but I had to study just a little bit.  

After a few hours, my friend Nicola asked if I wanted to go out with her, Ariel, and Valeria, so we hit up Sincheon for a bit.  It started out great!  We chose to walk around a bit and then ran into the water festival.  It looked like so much fun.  Everyone had a water gun and they blocked off the street for everyone to shoot at their victims!  After watching that for a bit, we found a jazz bar on the 9th floor of one of the buildings.  We went in expecting it to be a place with live jazz music, but it turned out to be more of a couples lounge haha.  I had some iced cocoa and we just hung out for a bit anyways.  After leaving there, a band was setting up at a different part of the street, so we listened to them for awhile.  They were called "The Painters" and were really good!  As we were walking back we saw a few guys dancing with a crowd around them, but we didn't get to see much.  

Once we got back to the dorm, I crashed.  It was such a long night, but it was fun!

This was a cool cafe where people came to build puzzles as they had their coffee!

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