Sunday, July 27

Day 20

So today started out great!  Amy, Katie, Carrie, and I headed off to the brown line at around 1:00 (I got to sleep in again) and saw a huge sign with Lee Min Ho on it!  ^_^  We were in search of the Myeongdong K-Pop mall.  We took a transfer to the Seoul station (blue line) and got off to search for lunch at the Namdaemun market.  Today was not as crazy in the market as yesterday.  Apparently the market is "closed" on Sundays, but there were some stores and restaurants open. I chose to get a hot dog on a stick from a street vendor and some more of the sweet inside-out pancakes.  We also chose to go into a Korean restaurant that was down one of the alleys.  We ordered kimbap (rice/veggies/meat all rolled up in seaweed), some sort of dumplings (I'm not sure what kind), and samgyetang (the whole chicken ginseng soup).  The samgyetang was so good!  It was an interesting experience because in some of the other areas, there is usually someone who speaks a little bit of English, but the ajjumas in the restaurant didn't seem to understand any.  We spoke Korean to them and thankfully we had Amy to help ask for directions back to the subway afterwards.  ^_^

After the market, we were close to the light blue line, so we rode that over to Myeongdong.  We were hoping to find the K-Pop mall, but we decided that it must have closed because we could not find it.  We did find a Cat Cafe!  I thought the first one that I went to was cleaner and very nice.  This one was nice and had different breeds of cats.  I am definitely hooked on wanting a hairless cat!  It was SOOOO cute!  ^_^

This kitty reminded me of Callie!


The hairless cat liked to be curled up under the blankets!  ^_^

I LOVED this dress.
After we got back into the station, we transfered over and road the brown line back to campus where we went straight to lunch.  I ate the Korean option for the second time!  It was some odd spicy curry chicken, potatoes with onion and some seasoning, and rice.  Oddly enough, I really liked the dinner tonight.  I still can't get myself to eat the kimchi (it's tooo spicy) or the pickled sides (they just don't taste right to me).  I am definitely trying a lot more than I would back at home!

After dinner, my roommate and I had to go down to the basement to do laundry and then I studied for a few hours.  I'm hoping to make a video of walking around campus and some other things that I do day to day.  If there is anything else that you want me to take pictures of or want to know, just leave me a comment!  

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a professor from Seoul National University after class and he's going to take me to a local elementary/kindergarten school and then to a traditional Korean restaurant for dinner.  I'm extremely excited about this opportunity and hope to have a lot to tell you in my next update!  I also want to type up a brief paragraph all in Korean from things I have learned so far.  Hopefully I will get to that early this week!  ^_^

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